Struggling with getting things done? Why Not Take Some Time to Understand The Power of Vision.

While doing some research 0n game development I stumbled on this article and although it seems to have almost nothing to do with actual game development, I picked out something very essential from it.

This has to do with our responses to challenges in life. Like if you wanted to go about creating a new game that would be a world changer, you need to set out with the right mindset.

Here’s is the most important part of this story with a link to the full story at the end.

The lessons I learned that day are ones that I would like to apply more often in my life. When I do remember them, they serve me well. Based on this (and other) experiences, I extrapolated the following lessons which have proven useful to me in more than just gymnastics:

#1 – Make sure you have a clear and CORRECT vision of your goal. Your body, mind, and spirit will do all kinds of work underneath your consciousness to help you achieve those kinds of goals. But if your goals are vague or flawed, you will get a confused or flawed result.

#2 – A detailed goal is helpful, but not necessary (beyond helping you achieve that clarity). After all, envisioning all those details about the movement of my body and arms to improve my rotation only helped me incrementally. But when I got the final version of my goal right, my body and mind already KNEW subconsciously what to do. I suspect that if your vision is TOO overburdened with details, it will lose clarity. Better to focus on the important parts and critical details, and let the rest take care of themselves.

#3 – Regularly re-focus on your goal! In the example, I would envision the whole thing in my head each and every time before I made my attempt. When you run a real risk of breaking your neck on a critical failure, this kind of discipline comes easy. So I’d envision it dozens of times a day.

#4 – Measure, evaluate your progress, and make corrections to your goal / vision as necessary. I doubt I’d have succeeded on my first try even if I had the perfect vision to begin with. But at the end, I was actually much closer than I thought, and I only needed to make one minor amendment to my vision to succeed (and, in fact, go too far).

#5 – Don’t be afraid to ask for outside help, observation, and guidance. Just remember that they can’t / won’t do it for you – success still has to originate from within yourself.

via Tales of the Rampant Coyote: The Power of Vision.


3 thoughts on “Struggling with getting things done? Why Not Take Some Time to Understand The Power of Vision.

  1. The thing with terms like ‘vision’, ‘clarity’ and the ‘subconsciousness’ is that most people do not understand what it means, and more importantly, how to get there.

    While I fully agree on what you’re saying, might I suggest you also explain -how- to get a clear vision, what to evaluate on, etc? Also, I think most people know they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help, but the issue is that they -are-! How would they get past this fear?

    Just a few suggestions to make an interesting post even greater ^^

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