Personalized Self Uploaded MTN Caller Tunez – Setting it up

How to subscribe to MTN Caller tune service

Here is how you can easily set up the caller tune on your MTN powered mobile phone:

– Dial the caller tune zone on 4100 and listen

– Press 1 to download a new caller tune

– Enter the caller tune code for the song you want

– End it with a hash(#)

– Follow the voice prompt to complete your subscription

Your new caller tune will now be set up and in a few seconds, you will receive a text message:

“Your callertunez was processes successfully”

How to set up a DIY(Do it yourself)/Personalized/Customized MTN Caller Tune

So you might already have or have not subscribed to the callertunez service. Now what about if you just want to create a tune by yourself and upload it to MTN server? Well MTN Nigeria allows you to do this in the set up referred to as DIY caller tunez service.

To set up DIY service, here’s what to do:

– Dial the same Caller tune zone on 4100

– Press 4 to DIY your favourite song or tune

– Then press 1 to begin

– After the beep, record your tune to the phone e.g voice or song from your background (Limited time allowed)

– Press # when finished

– Listen to the tune when replayed

– Press 1 to submit it

– You would hear a voice feedback telling you that you have succeeded. You will receive a text message shortly.


It appears dialing the MTN Callertunez zone 4100 is not free as you will be billed for the time you spent on the call.

Also, the service costs N50.00 per month and for every caller tune set up for your phone.

You can browse some preloaded caller tunes on the MTN website at:

via EconomicPot



15 thoughts on “Personalized Self Uploaded MTN Caller Tunez – Setting it up

  1. Nd ugwu says:

    How do I stop mtn from deducting #50 every month from my account and have them credit back the account.,the said caller tune have not been working.

  2. tundex says:

    I thought dey use to submit song to mtn, for dem to upload it as callertune lik must artist use to do.. Cus I knw dey use to giv code, please can u tell more abt dat

  3. Greetings: Am Cannicius And Am A Producer And Wish To Have A Caller Tune Track Of One Of My Tracks? I Have Been Using MTN Good Since This Past Years And Even Now. Hope My Request Will Be Approved

  4. I need a compromised caller tune of my own song. I have followed the directives by dialing 4100 but its directing me on how to set other songs on my phone nor my own preferred song. can somebody help?

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