Get Disqus To Load in Firefox and Other Browsers

I am someone who loves simplicity in getting things done, and one of those things happen to be commenting on sites.
Having subscribed to the Disqus commenting system a while back, I decided to test their new features when they rolled out. It turned out that the new generation Disqus wouldn’t load on my Firefox browser.

So I looked up online for a solution and all I could see kept pointing me in the direction of plugins and all other non-effective solutions.

Finally I saw a post on the Firefox support forum that discussed this issue. Quickly my thoughts swung towards the plugins I had installed.

Being a web developer I have always used Firebug and Web Developer plugins for manipulating the DOM and other necessary functions. However, this time I remembered one setting that was not necessary. I had Disabled Referrers.

This was the culprit! Once I unchecked this option under the “Disable” drop-down link in Web Developer, Disqus was back in business!

Here’s a small screen shot  of what it looks like.

Uncheck Disable referrers if disqus is not loading


Wait, Why Think Yourself Backward?

This is one of my short quick posts that serve as a call to action. Seeing all the private posts I have refused to publish, I think it’s time I let one of these out.

As long as you think that time is always not enough, time will never be enough.
Scarcity? Time is not scarce because it is not a resource that physically gets exhausted.
Time is a perception of a resource that our mind makes up to align with all the other physical resources we are used to.

Overwhelmed? Just take a break on it and return when you’re more settled.
This note is for me (physician treat thyself).

Every day is new in itself. Starting with an opportunity to grab the world one tiny mountain at a time.