Get Disqus To Load in Firefox and Other Browsers

I am someone who loves simplicity in getting things done, and one of those things happen to be commenting on sites.
Having subscribed to the Disqus commenting system a while back, I decided to test their new features when they rolled out. It turned out that the new generation Disqus wouldn’t load on my Firefox browser.

So I looked up online for a solution and all I could see kept pointing me in the direction of plugins and all other non-effective solutions.

Finally I saw a post on the Firefox support forum that discussed this issue. Quickly my thoughts swung towards the plugins I had installed.

Being a web developer I have always used Firebug and Web Developer plugins for manipulating the DOM and other necessary functions. However, this time I remembered one setting that was not necessary. I had Disabled Referrers.

This was the culprit! Once I unchecked this option under the “Disable” drop-down link in Web Developer, Disqus was back in business!

Here’s a small screen shot  of what it looks like.

Uncheck Disable referrers if disqus is not loading


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