Hot! Missing Key Feature in Nigeria’s e-Banking Portals

Hello GT Bank,
I have seen the recent updates you have made to your online banking portal. That’s a good change.
I also saw your review here and it’s a good way to go.

Nice work on the UI by the way. I also like the service that allows you to disable your hardware token (although I might never use that feature).

In addition to this, I would like to ask for one more update to your e-banking portal; Could you add a service to allow customers DISABLE STOLEN ATM CARDS?

Presently, it takes too long to reach out to the bank to complete a report of a stolen or lost ATM card.
We could do with a simple implementation of this using your e-banking portal.
And if it’s not too much work, you could create a simple API that allows people to disable their cards or freeze the account by SMS.

I still very much believe in your speed and quality as pace setters, so I’m counting on you to nail this one.


Some of the annoyances and goodies of Windows 8.1

I just saw a small typing window to put this post together and publish it.

Really, these are just a few of the things I’ve noticed. I had come to accept that there’s no way to change some of these things by complaining. But alas, these things keep staring me in the face everyday of my life as I have to use this device. I see why the Mac boys are making proselytes.

The annoyances and some of the niceties in Windows 8 /8.1, here are my thoughts.

  1. There’s nothing really new about the file browser (explorer.exe). They even made it worse such that you have to click inside the file area after clicking a link on the left sidebar menu before you can scroll the list of files and folders on the right.
  2. Awful networking control menus – and I really mean this one. Windows 8.1 is the very worst I’ve seen since modern windows history when it comes to the GUI tools for networking. After looking for ways to view the connection settings and delete some obsolete WiFi network profiles (out of range) from the list, I found a Microsoft article with details for how to do this using – wait for it… the command line; that is the only way to do it. That does it for me when it comes to relying on the default sharing features and network security of windows.
  3. Earphone / speaker switching. Maybe it’s just my PC, but I had to uninstall and reinstall the audio drivers for my laptop over and over to fully understand why the Audio kept playing through the speaker even after connecting a headset.

Now unto some of the good parts.

  1. A default PDF reader with the skinniest of features – super quick.
  2. Default app to view, and re-size videos while navigating; talk of video editing on the fly.
  3. Sticky notes; this one I use in conjunction with Onenote.

For windows XP hard-cores, the UI might seem a little overkill for simple activities like locating your files. But there’s always the windows key + E option to bring up the file explorer.

There are a few more annoyances and goodies that you could add to the list, but don’t just take my word for it; You probably want to try it out. If you look over your shoulder to the person sitting next to you, you are more than likely to find someone entirely deep in the 8th window.