Hot! Missing Key Feature in Nigeria’s e-Banking Portals

Hello GT Bank,
I have seen the recent updates you have made to your online banking portal. That’s a good change.
I also saw your review here and it’s a good way to go.

Nice work on the UI by the way. I also like the service that allows you to disable your hardware token (although I might never use that feature).

In addition to this, I would like to ask for one more update to your e-banking portal; Could you add a service to allow customers DISABLE STOLEN ATM CARDS?

Presently, it takes too long to reach out to the bank to complete a report of a stolen or lost ATM card.
We could do with a simple implementation of this using your e-banking portal.
And if it’s not too much work, you could create a simple API that allows people to disable their cards or freeze the account by SMS.

I still very much believe in your speed and quality as pace setters, so I’m counting on you to nail this one.


3 thoughts on “Hot! Missing Key Feature in Nigeria’s e-Banking Portals

  1. I liked the ‘freeze my lost/stolen atm card’ you talked about, but I feel its should be a feature that can only be accessed after layers of security i.e via the Internet Banking portal. But on the other hand, It will be really convenient if one can just easily send an sms like you mentioned to have their bank card frozen…I guess its not everyday that such an sms would be sent so someone can’t really send that sms by mistake…


    • Rightly, you need to be able to securely freeze your stolen card. The internet banking portal should have that service.
      For the SMS part, I guess a simple secret verification code / password can be sent with the request to a dedicated (shortcode /longcode) number.

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