List of Online GSM Recharge Portals

I recently had a strong urge to start one of these things called online recharge card platforms. I know this wouldn’t take me more than a week of work to set this up.

Pruning and fine-tuning user features based on the requests as they come. Earlier last year I had made inquiries about the volume of sales one of these sites was making. Needless to say, I was looking to build a clone of their service based on the figures I was looking forward to from their sales trend (if I could find one).

Keyword research, search volume analysis, and a couple other techniques revealed that this was a market that’s still very underdeveloped. So what would it take to start this business?

Looking to operate the way these people do, entering scratch cards into an online portal just wasn’t going to cut it for me. Then I read this article by Ken Idialu who had done some pretty decent work trying to set up a recharge card exchange for cash business; where he gave some interesting insights into the process and challenges that led him to abandon the idea.

After much speculation, I decided it was time to take stock on the number of startups that have survived the dungeon of Nigeria’s online marketplace for recharge cards.

So here is a list that shows providers of mobile phone recharge services in Nigeria in no particular order.

  1. TopUp Nigeria
  2. Pin Reload
  3. Airtimeng
  4. Top Up Genie
  5. Mobile Recharge
  6. E-Topup
  7. VT Pass
  8. Easy 2 Voice
  9. Recharge Nigeria
  10. My Paga

If you’re on this list you might need a visit to the drawing board to fix your platform’s user experience and SEO. Or maybe I missed you … In that case feel free to write me and I’ll review your service. If it’s good enough I’ll include it.