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Today I explore some of the histories of our present day world. Nigeria has some levels of violence I’m only beginning to understand.

Looking through the history books I saw a story about the Thuggees of India – a criminal gang of robbers.

If Nigeria is to stomp out some of these acts of violence the Police might want to consider using some of these methods: My friend working on iPolice might also be interested in this read.

Reasons for successful eradication of the Thuggees included:

  • the dissemination of reports regarding Thuggee developments across territorial borders, so that each administrator was made aware of new techniques as soon as they were put in practice, so that travellers could be warned and advised on possible counter-measures.
  • the use of King’s evidence programmes gave an incentive for gang members to inform on their peers to save their own lives. This undermined the code of silence that protected members.
  • at a time when, even in Britain, policing was in its infancy, the British set up a dedicated police force, the Thuggee Department, and special tribunals that prevented local influence from affecting criminal proceedings.
  • the police force applied the new detective methodologies to record the locations of attacks, the time of day or circumstances of the attack, the size of group, the approach to the victims and the behaviours after the attacks. In this way, a single informant, belonging to one gang in one region, might yield details that would be applicable to most, or all, gangs in a region or indeed across all India.

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US CTO seeks to scale agile thinking and open data across federal government – O’Reilly Radar

Recently I saw a blog post by Eric Ries about the use of lean startup methodologies in Government.

Since I live in a country where wastage in government appears to be the order of the day, I would have been greatly impressed if the government of my country would take great steps towards getting

It would be interesting to see how effective this wil be in the US Government which appears to be more committed to cutting waste than hoping in the future.

Todd Park is looking for Presidential Innovation Fellows to help government work better.

In the 21st century, federal government must go mobile, putting government services and information at the fingertips of citizens, said United States Chief Technology Officer Todd Park in a recent wide-ranging interview. “That’s the first digital government result, outcome, and objective that’s desired.”

To achieve that vision, Park and U.S. chief information officer Steven VanRoekel are working together to improve how the federal government shares data, architects new digital services and collaborates across agencies to reduce costs and increase productivity through smarter use of information technology.

Park, who was chosen by President Obama to be the second CTO of the United States in March, has been (relatively) quiet over the course of his first two months on the job.

Last Wednesday, that changed. Park launched a new Presidential innovation Fellows program, in concert with VanRoekel’s new digital government strategy, at TechCrunch‘s Disrupt conference in New York City. This was followed by another event for a government audience at the Interior Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. Last Friday, he presented his team’s agenda to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

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