The New Etisalat Free Internet browsing Tweak

A few days ago, I saw a thank you message in my mailbox from a faithful reader on how he’s been able to browse free with his Etisalat SIM after our last chat. His reaction went like this;

…good evening Mr Ahmsta… I have good news for you…. After the last mail I sent to you, then the next day my MTN BB subscription expired. Then I just made up my mind to use Etisalat for a trial. I started with daily BB subscription for N100. Then I inserted the exact settings as you posted for MTN. But surprisingly after my subscription expired, I could still browse, free of charge. I am still using it. Oga you really tried a lot… I can’t say it’s my work but it’s your words of encouragement that made me win, cos if you could remember when I asked you if the settings would work for other networks you said its only tested on MTN, but believed it would also work for the other networks…

Thanks my oga, God bless. 1love!!!!!!

Real good news, isn’t it? Well I thought of getting the full details on how he did it because I have limited time in testing and yes… It’s just the same as I posted previously, in other not to waste much time talking about stuff behind let me go straight away to how he was able to do it

How To Setup The New Etisalat Free browsing.

First all you have to do like he said above is to recharge a N100 on your mobile,

After that, then you need to subscribe for the etisalat internet blackberry plan by dailing *499*3*2#, Few minutes after that yo will get an SMS message like the following:

Welcome to the Etisalat blackberry Complete voice plan.

That’s all you’ll need. Restart your mobile then configure your gadgets like this


Connection name : Ahmsta Connection

Data Bearer: Packet data

Access point name:

Username & Password : web

Authentication: Normal


After filling those, then click option >> Advance settings

Network type : IPv4

Phone IP address : automatic

DNS adress: (primary:, then secondary:

Proxy Server Address:

Port: 8080

For your computer just configure your browsers / applications to use you can use the same configure for the MTN Bis or rather use this

Access point –

Click Advance and set your DNS as follows

DNS address: (primary:, then secondary:

Proxy address:-

Port:- 8080

That’s all,

In this case, Ultrasurf is not really needed, but if you still use it, it will sure work

NOTE: Its likely you get billed if you recharge while using this, so its better you opt out before you recharge your account.

Thanks to you Nibras Muhammad.

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